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Campbell Combat Ceremonies

The thought of honoring our Military through The Ruby Cora came to Nathan Clark one day as he was mowing. He quickly shared with a few key business people in Clarksville and was met with enthusiasm, what a personal way to show our appreciation for a life of service to our country. The day was set for the first free Military weddings, 3 or 4 couples are chosen annually. This project is made possible by generous businesses and professionals in the Clarksville area.
The chosen couples are provided a full wedding and reception, complete with hair, makeup, bridal bouquet, officiant , full reception with up to 60 guests, a full meal, beer, wine and champagne, wedding cake, DJ and dancing! The weddings take place on a Saturday in November of each year.

A collective community project for Military couples providing SIX dream weddings!

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Recipients will receive:

  • Assistant

    A female to assist, answer questions, and be with you during your wedding day.

  • Bridal Hair & Makeup

    professional hair and makeup in the bridal area of The Ruby Cora.

  • Bridal Bouquet

    Floral bouquet for the bride.

  • Wedding Photography

    Professional photography with the ability to download pictures.

  • Wedding Ceremony

    An outside ceremony with up to 20 guests invited.

  • Wedding Reception

    Location inside The Ruby Cora, which includes:

  • Champagne
  • Beer/wine
  • Cake
  • Food
  • Dancing

Rules & Requirements

Bride or groom must be Active Duty Military Rank E6 or below. Limit 1 entry per couple. Upon random selection, a couple may accept or decline. Winning couples must agree to follow all guidelines of the contest, and allow photos to be used online for promotional purposes.

Winners will be contacted prior to announcement.

Please read the complete list of Guidelines to Enter here »